providing accommodation for the single homeless person in Winchester

Welcome to Keystone - part of the BCHA family

Winchester Churches Housing Group 'Keystone' is an organisation which operates in the city, offering bedsit accommodation to single homeless people. Residents are supported and encouraged to find work if appropriate, and perhaps to change elements of their lifestyles. The project is seen as a stepping stone back into the community.


Keystone has become a reputable and solid ongoing charity from those first days of the Winchester Churches Keystone Project, in 1989.

In 2013 Keystone became part of the Bournemouth Churches Housing Association. BCHA is a major provider of a diverse range of housing, support and learning services for socially excluded people. Although based in Bournemouth, BCHA deliver services across the South from Plymouth to Reading.

On these web pages you can discover exactly what Keystone is about – real practical supportive care for the homeless. Winchester has many homeless people who are struggling to get out of poverty. Keystone aims to make a difference for some of them. Accommodation and support that would be beyond the hope of many, is offered as an opportunity to step back into society.

You will find that the Keystone organisation has grown significantly since it began. The structure of Keystone is run in full business fashion and is fully accountable. Prudent finance management is operated on the guidance of advisers. Yet the backbone of Keystone is the support that comes from the Winchester Churches.

Anyone with a concern for the poor and homeless may contribute a donation to the work of Keystone. Whether you are a church, club, society or organisation, or an individual, you can become a part of Keystone.

Should you or someone you know wish to apply for accommodation, you will find information for an initial contact mentioned here.

Winchester Churches Housing Group "Keystone" is a Registered Charity No.1027952. Registered in England, No.2840075.

"Bournemouth Churches Housing Association Limited" is a charitable society, registered with the Financial Conduct Authority No. 18497R and with the Homes and Communities Agency No. LH0155.